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Adelaide Exchange

Adelaide Exchange is a premier office building in Belfast, featuring over 144,000 sq.ft. of modern office space, including open plan areas, meeting rooms, a presentation/break-out area, a fitted kitchen, fitness room, and shower facilities. The office space is finished to a high specification with raised access flooring, air conditioning, and suspended ceiling with recessed, dimmable LED lighting.

Services Provided

Brand Identity Design
Design System
Brand Campaign
Marketing Collateral
Website Design & Development

The brand identity successfully captures the modern, innovative, and inviting nature of Adelaide Exchange.  Bold, punchy design elements reflect the contemporary feel of the building, while the bright and friendly colour palette creates a welcoming and approachable atmosphere. The use of the rectangular shape from the building's facade as a brand device ties the identity to the physical space, reinforcing the brand's connection to the building.

A headline typeface was selected to convey a bold and impactful message. It was chosen to stand out and be easily readable, even from a distance, making it highly effective for use on outdoor signage, print ads, and digital media.

The use of punchy two-word campaign lines further strengthens the brand's messaging, making it memorable and to the point. The campaign lines were designed to highlight the key benefits of Adelaide Exchange's office space and reinforce the brand's messaging.

Together, the bold headline typeface and punchy campaign lines add to the overall impact of the brand identity, making it highly effective in capturing the attention of potential occupiers and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

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