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FDI Center — Leaders in foreign direct investment

FDI Center is a leading advisory firm in the field of foreign direct investment (FDI). They work with countries, regions, cities, special economic zones and industrial parks from around the world to develop and implement successful strategies for attracting investment.

Services Provided

Brand Identity Design
Design System
Marketing Collateral
Motion Graphics

To capture the essence of FDI Center, Edward focused on creating a symbol that represents a central point of focus, reflecting their specialisation in providing practical knowledge and advice on all aspects of FDI attraction.

The identity incorporates cues that visually represent these values, ensuring that their clients feel secure and confident in their ability to attract and retain foreign investment.

Working closely with the client, Edward ensured that the design accurately reflects the clients mission and values, while also appealing to their target audience. Through collaboration and iteration, we were able to create a brand identity that represents FDI Center's expertise and reputation in the industry.

A primary colour palette was created for for FDI Center that embodies the brand's values of trust, security, growth, and vibrancy. The palette features a Trusted Blue, which represents the brand's commitment to providing practical knowledge and advice. Trusted Navy represents stability and security, while a vibrant orange symbolises growth and development.

The addition of Bright Orange as a highlight colour adds vibrancy and energy to the palette, representing FDI Center's commitment to growth and development. The warm and inviting nature of Bright Orange conveying a sense of enthusiasm and optimism.

A secondary colour palette complements our primary palette by adding a range of new colours that can be used in brand communications as accent colours or to communicate data.

At the heart of FDI Center's brand identity is a powerful symbol. The FDI Center identity utilises the symbol versatile brand device to create numerous design systems – this allows for dynamic and flexible design compositions, and a wide range of applications across different touch points.

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