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Kevin Pearse

In the world of male grooming, where precision and sophistication define the experience, Edward embarked on a journey of refinement with Kevin Pearse, a distinguished salon. Their goal was to craft a visual identity that exuded timeless elegance.

Services Provided

Brand Identity Design
Design System
Brand Campaign
Marketing Collateral
Website Design & Development

At the core of our creation lies a subtly crafted monogram, a fusion of the letters "KP." This monogram, an emblem of understated luxury, embodies the salon's commitment to timeless style.

The color palette, meticulously selected, bathes the brand in a warm and opulent embrace. Dark, rich tones weave a tapestry of elegance, seamlessly reflecting the essence of Kevin Pearse.

The choice of typefaces, radiating modern elegance and professionalism, brings an air of sophistication to every element of the brand.

Complementing this brand identity, Edward extended creative touchpoints to a range of hair product packages. These packages strike the perfect balance between elegance and vibrancy, mirroring the salon's dedication to enhancing the client's grooming experience.

The brand identity successfully captures the modern, innovative, and inviting nature of Adelaide Exchange. The bold and punchy design elements reflect the contemporary feel of the building, while the bright and friendly colour palette creates a welcoming and approachable atmosphere. The use of the rectangular shape from the building's facade as a brand device ties the identity to the physical space, reinforcing the brand's connection to the building.

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